Great Companies Can Come From Anywhere

Our Philosophy is to Serve

Being a venture capitalist is a privilege. One that we don’t take lightly. Our sole philosophy is to serve; serve our LPs, serve entrepreneurs, serve the customers who support our entrepreneurs and serve our communities. We know what it is like to be underestimated. It can be lonely, frustrating and tiresome. But we also believe it is within the underestimated that greatness can be achieved. We find great pride in being their champion.

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Our Recipe for Achieving the Unbelievable

Back Great People

Talented and decent people are the foundation for all great success stories. We want to work with exceptionally talented people with impeccable ethics and decency.

Invest with Conviction

Doing unbelievable things means pressing on when all signs point to no. We back our founders with the exceptional conviction to push forward when others would retreat.

Give More Than Capital

Money is a commodity. Our partners provide guidance, expertise and connections to greatly enhance the odds of success for impossible missions.

Serve the Underserved

Success doesn’t come in one shape, size, color or location. We seek to rewrite the idea of who and where venture returns are possible.

“Everything is theoretically impossible, until it is done.”