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Who We Are

As one of the oldest and most active early-stage investment firms in the Southeast, our investment philosophy has been honed from years of experience. We fund entrepreneurs who are applying technology and business model innovations to industries in the earliest stages of digital disruption with an emphasis on underserved places and stages.






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Serving the Underserved…

Investment Strategy

Underserved Geographies

We believe that talent, entrepreneurial spirit and world-changing businesses are not confined to the historical innovation epicenters. Many cities in North America have all the ingredients to be thriving ecosystems yet have been oft-overlooked by traditional venture capital firms. Our team and expanded network of boots on the ground have decades of experience finding, funding and supporting the best teams in these underserved regions.

Underserved Stage

Both seed stage and growth stage capital have never been more abundant. However, influxes of capital to traditional early-stage investors has raised the bar considerably for middle stages. As such, even great companies are often seeking additional capital beyond the seed and before growth stages to support their journey from initial product/market fit to scale.

…Across Major Innovation Themes.

Automation of Tasks

Leveraging emerging technology to automate tasks where computers outperform humans

Data-Driven Decisions

Collecting, storing and harnessing the world's data to improve decision making for humans and machines

Democratizing Expertise

Technology-enabled business models that make accessing knowledge and outsourcing to experts easier and cheaper

Reducing Inefficiency

Bringing greater efficiency via emerging technology to markets that are highly inefficient today due to human constraints